COST: $6900 USD


  • Fits 2016 Polaris Pro AXYS 800
  • Designed for ultimate throttle response with optimal turbo placement and short charge piping
  • High flow 3" cold air intake draws in air from stock intake prefilters behind windshield
  • Impulse X5 ECU - automatically adjusts fuel according to elevation, manifold pressure, throttle position, RPM, 02, charge air temperature and features five diagnostic LED lights for quick troubleshooting
  • Gas and go, no buttons to mess with, let the Impulse X5 ECU do the work as elevation and temperature change
  • Fully labeled and fused plug and play wiring harness, install turbo, plug it in and ride
  • Hybrid Garrett GTX/Tial externally wastegated turbocharger with billet compressor wheel and Tial stainless steel V-band turbine housing
  • Tial 38mm V-band liquid cooled external wastegate allows boost pressures as low as 4-5 PSI for mid to high elevation pump gas use
  • NEW fast response Tial QRJ blow off valve
  • 3" TIG welded stainless V-band downpipe and muffler exits turbo and out stock hole for ultimate flow
  • 1 TIG welded stainless V-band wastegate downpipe, prevents engine bogging if muffler is plugged up with snow
  • TIG welded airbox is secured to frame and cannot blow off. Designed to pull in and out of sled without removing fuel tank.
  • Billet fuel rail and injector setup cools air charge as fuel is injected into throttle bodies
  • 6AN braided fuel hoses and aluminum AN fittings replace all stock fuel lines
  • AN braided oil and cooland lines to turbo and wastegate
  • Turbo oil pump and filter mounted under cover plate
  • CNC cut and engraved, TIG welded oil tank. Billet cap and AN fittings. Internally baffled with built in roll over vent tube.
  • Autometer liquid filled boost gauge, AEM wideband gauge and steering post gauge mount included
  • Stock pipe is modified for turbo kit use and pipe seams are reinforced. Requires exhaust pipe shipped to us for turbo modifications and gussets. Machine can be returned to stock with new stock pipe.


  • Boost Controller
  • Turbo Reeds
  • Clutching